My life is a little stressful and I have learned to relax through music. I grew up listening to my parents music that I hated. Now I am the one who’s kids don’t like the music I listen to that was my parents. Life always has a way of coming full circle.

I live in Midwestern parts of the United States, Indiana to be exact. Interests for me are costume jewelry, slavery, antique furniture, history.

I took care of my father who had bone cancer and when he passed a way my brother had a heart attack. I have just recently had to place him in a facility. It broke my heart and so I turn to music more and more to drown out the quietness.IMG_0035


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    • I usually don’t write about such topics, but I saw the program and thought, is this what I miss by watching Nick At Nite? It was different for sure, but not my life style. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blogging site. I usually write about my journey caring for my brother


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